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Load Cells & Modules

-Single Load Cells
-Beam Load Cells
-Tension/Compression Load Cells
-Special Load Cells

-Capacities up to 100 t
-Galvanized or stainless steel construction 
-Reliable & strong construction

Weighing Electronics

-Analogue Transmitter
-Digital Transmitter

-Weight Indicators
-Weighing Process Controllers
-Weighing Terminals

-RX  Series Remote Displays
-RF Modem, Printers
-Load Cell Connection Boxes
-Load Cell Cables

Industrial Scales

-Capacity: 2500 kg ~ 5000 kg
-Completely Wireless
-Efficient Power Management

-Capacity: 3000 g ~ 1500 kg
-OIML approved
-Impact resistant 
-Dustproof or washable construction.

-Capacity: 30 kg ~ 15000 kg
-OIML approved models
-Protection classes; IP65, IP66, IP68
-Dustproof or washable construction.

-Capacity: 300 kg ~ 2000 kg
-Commercial approved
-IP65, IP66 and IP68 protection classes

-Capacity: 1000 kg ~ 30000 kg
-OIML approved models
-Impact resistant

-Capacity: 300 gr ~ 60 kg 
-Indication divisions up to 0,1 g
-Up to 180 pcs/min. weighing speed

Laboratory Balance

Metal Detector

Lightning and Surge Protection

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