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Baykon has different solutions according to the following different vehicle identification devices suitable for weighing operation:

- Proximity card reader
- Long distance RFID reader
- Plate-Reading cameras

Baykon BX30CW Weighing Indicator with static CW type approval is used in these solutions. In addition to our automatic weighing solutions, Baykon unmanned terminal is designed for weighing without operator. Unmanned terminal can be used in combination with the above vehicle identification devices to provide maximum weighing security.

All our solutions can be connected as standard with traffic lights, vehicle position sensors, IP cameras, barriers, KIOSK printer and external display peripherals. Detailed information can be found in the documents page below. You can find some app videos in the video tab.

Key Features: 

-Vehicle weighing automation with;

-Proximity card

-Long distance RFID reader

-APNR cameras

-Unamanned vehicle scale terminal

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