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AWT terminal is designed for automatic truck weighing operation without operator. It allows you to weigh trucks and collect weighing data 24 hours a day.

-Proximity card reader or RFID tag readers can be used as vehicle identification unit
-Weighing ticket can be produced on AWT
-If enabled, vehicle ID can be checked
-In case of Ethernet connection with main PC is lost, weighing data can be stored in AWT and automatically downloaded when the connection rebuilt.
-Up to 3 pieces IP Camera can be connected and vehicle data can be saved in weighing database
-Traffic lights/ barriers can be integrated
-Alphanumeric remote display for driver communication can be integrated.

With its stainless steel and water proof housing, it can be used safely in outdoor environment. It has internal heater and cooling fun for hot and cold weather conditions. AWT terminal can be equipped by BX1D scale terminal for Digital load cells.

In case of any urgent cases, BX1 scale indicator Ethernet data output can be connected directly to main PC or a local laptop by the scale and Truck Scale Software supports standard truck weighing operation with operator.

Key Features: 

-RFID multi protocol reader
-Touchless, easy to work
-Industrial panel type touch screen color PC guides driver

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