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MX08 is a Multichannel Transmitter is Designed to Integrate Analog Measuring Data of Multi Weighing, Force or Torque Measuring Systems Into Control PLC/PC in Proper Digital Data Format. MX08 family is programmed and calibrated via pc By Baykon xFace Software. MX08 main advantages are; fast conversion rate, fast response and anti-vibration adaptive digital filter, weighing functions, powerful calibration facilities including eCal, calibration without test weight.

Fully matched production provides direct replacement without calibration in count mode. The maximum configuration is; fieldbus gateway, up to 8 analog digitizer, 8 digital I/O units, local display unit. DIN rail installation provides easy montage.

Key Features: 

-RS232C, RS485, Modbus, Ethernet TCP/ IP, Profibus, Profinet IO, CANopen, Ethernet IP, Profinet IPC
-Load cell excitation: 5 VDC, max. 100 mA

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